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If you have any kind of stagnant water on your property, you have a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Ponds, drainage ditches and marshes all support large mosquito populations that boom in spring and summer.

With mosquito control treatment from Nuisance and Pest Control by Dave, you can stop worrying about these pests. We use eco-friendly products that are safe to use around your kids and pets. Mosquitoes aren't the only dangerous outdoor pests we encounter - we also offer tick control treatments.

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The dangers of ticks and mosquitoes

Mosquitoes and ticks can carry many different diseases. If your property has an unusual number of these pests, you're potentially exposing yourself to:

Yellow fever
Lyme disease
West Nile virus

If you want to protect your family, tick control and mosquito control treatments are a necessity. To schedule an appointment, contact us now.