I called Dave while on vacation to schedule a termite inspection on a house I was purchasing. My Lawyer informed me of this inspection at the last minute so I had a few days to do this before the Closing. Dave kindly responded to my request and showed up to our property with his Son. After checking our property inside and out they also informed me of several other things I should do to prevent any other pests from appearing. Outside of dealing with the most common pests, Dave deals with other potential issues like skunks, raccoons, snakes, cayotes, etc. Seems like a very knowledgeable fella and his prices and service are top notch! 5 stars for these guys!


I want to reach out and offer the praises to David Luczyski from Nuisance and Pest Control. I had a bat in my house last night. He came immediately in the middle of the night and removed the bat without killing it from the house. He is terrific Exterminator. Highly recommended by us and any hard-working member of our community should be recognized and shared.

Beth Green

Great and hardworking pest control team. Very efficient, and careful in their work. Wonderful experience for me.

Diamond Lee

I use Dave for pest control services and I couldn't live without him. He keeps my house safe from all pests (squirrels/field mice/raccoons) attempting to invade my home. Also did a great job keeping all insects sway. I highly recommend him. Reliable, reasonable rate, and an overall great person. He is flexible and works with you to schedule a time that is convenient. Uses safe/nontoxic materials that won't harm my pet. If you need someone for pest control, please don't hesitate to call him.

Lori Moretz

Good pest control service, recommended!

Amanda Ross

Nuisance and Pest Control by Dave is a great company! The company truly cares about the customers, and about the quality of service they provide to their customers--and they have a wide variety of services! They are also prompt and really good about cleaning up after they work. I would recommend Nuisance and Pest Control by Dave to anyone!

Irene Miller

Reliable pest control, try this service! Thanks!

Leroy Hubbard

Just best pest control, now all bugs and rats are no more! Great work by Nuisance and Pest Control by Dave; Thank you!

Shkumbim Fiseku