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Nuisance and Pest Control by Dave provides expert bed bug control services in Woodridge, Middletown, Ellenville & Kingston, NY. We're a go green company, so we use electric heat treatments instead of harsh chemical ones to treat your home. This means you'll receive immediate, effective results. After the treatment, you'll want to stay out of your home for eight to 10 hours so it can cool down.

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3 signs you have bed bugs in your home

By the time you've seen a bed bug, you likely already have an infestation. You want to catch an infestation as early as possible. If you think bed bugs may be in your home, look out for:

1.Unusual musty odors
2.Dark spots on your sheets
3.Raised red welts or bites on your skin

If you notice any of the above, bring in a bed bug control expert. We'll inspect your home and recommend the best bed bug treatment for your situation. To make sure your home is free of bed bugs, call us now.